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Small-C is a subset of the C programming language for which a number of public-domain compilers have been written. The original compiler was written by Ron Cain and appeared in the May 1980 issue of Dr.Dobb's Journal. More recently, James E.Hendrix has improved and extended the original Small-C compiler and published "The Small-C Handbook", ISBN 0-8359-7012-4 (1984). Both compilers produce 8080 assembly language, which is the most popular implementation of Small-C to-date. The 6502 Small-C compiler for the BBC Micro is based on "RatC", a version of the original Ron Cain compiler described by R.E.Berry and B.A.Meekings in "A Book on C", ISBN 0-333-36821-5 (1984). The 6502 compiler is written in Small-C and was bootstrapped using Zorland C on an Amstrad PC1512 under MSDOS 3.2, then transferred onto a BBC Micro using Kermit. The compiler can be used to cross-compile 6502 code from an MSDOS host, or as a 'resident' Small-C compiler on a BBC Micro.
subset of C
68k, 6809, VAX, 8080, BBC Micro, Z80
January 5th, 1989

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