tool: IPD Modula-2* Programming Environment

Modula-2* (parallel extension)
translator (->C), debugger (SUN4 only), X Windows user panel, automatic cross-architecture make, sequential and parallel libraries, examples, documentation
IPD Modula-2* team <> consisting of the following kernel contributors: Thomas Gauweiler, Stefan U. Haenssgen, Ernst A. Heinz, Paul Lukowicz, Hendrik Mager, Michael Philippsen.
Modula-2* is an extension of Modula-2 for highly parallel, portable programs. IPD Modula-2* is provided freely for research, educational and classroom use. A complete sequential Modula-2 environment in provided complemented with a set of parallel libraries, which even include routines for implementing low-level parallel operations. The employment of of C translator allows increased accessibility to actual parallel machines (many have nothing lower-level than C), at the expense of Modula-2 features of arrays bounds checking and symbolic debugging at the Modula-2* level.

[An interpreter could be written with functionality subsuming that of a symbolic debugger. -- Mark]

PIM but not ISO compliant
J.R. Smith. "The design and analysis of parallel algorithms. Chapter 3: Modula-2*." Oxford University Press, December 1992.

M. Philippsen, E.A. Heinz, and P. Lukowicz. "Compiling machine-independent parallel programs." ACM SIGPLAN Notices, v. 28, no. 8, pp. 99-108, August 1993.

M. Philippsen, T.M. Warschko, W.F. Tichy, C.G. Herter, E.A. Heinz, and P. Lukowicz. "Project Triton: Towards improved programmability of parallel computers." In D.J. Lija and P.L. Bird (eds), The Interaction of Compilation Technology and Computer Architecture, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994.

Others available from*.ps

386 and above with BSDI/386 or Linux (sequential), KSR-1/KSR-2 with KSR-OS (sequential and parallel), DECStation (R3000/R4000) with Ultrix (sequential), MP-1/MP-2 (DECStation frontend) with MP-Ultrix (parallel)

SUN (Sun-3, Sun-4 SPARCStation) with SunOS (sequential),

sources are for GMD Mocka Modula-2 compiler

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