category: scripting languages

These are languages that are primarily interpreted, and often on unix sytems, can ususally be invoked directly from a text file using #!.

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tool: ?

tool: ?

tool: ? basic ?

tool: ? bournebasic ?

tool: A Lisp interpreter in awk

language: ABC

tool: ACE - AmigaBASIC Compiler with Extras

language: BASIC

tool: BOS (The Basic Object System)

tool: Bash (Bourne Again SHell)

language/tool: Bourne Shell / ash

tool: Cygnus Tcl Tools

language: ERGO-Shell

language: ESL

language: Expect

tool: Extended Tcl (tclx)

tool: GNU awk (gawk)

tool: GNU sed

language: glish

language: Guile

language: ICI

language: Ivy

tool: IXI Object Tcl

tool: Ibpag2 (Icon-Based Parser Generation System 2)

language: icon

language: Korn Shell

language/tool: LPC / LPC4

language: lua

tool: MTtcl - Multi-threaded Tcl

tool: MacPerl

language: Marpa

tool: MetaCard

language: PILOT

language: Perl

language: Proxy

language: Python

language: Q

language: REXX

language/tool: S-Lang / slang

tool: STk

language: Snobol4

language: Tcl

language/tool: Z-shell / zsh

tool: a2p, s2p, find2perl

language/tool: awk / mawk

language/tool: csh / tcsh

language: es

language: rc

tool: scsh

language: ssh

tool: sub (seismic unix basic)

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