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Yacc, and the rest of its family

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language/tool: ? attribute grammar ? / Alpha

tool: ? jaccl ?

language: ABC

language: ANSI C

tool: ATS (Attribute Translation System)

language/tool: Antlr 1.33 / USQAGMS

language/tool: Attribute Grammars / The FNC-2 Attribute Grammar System

language: BNF

language/tool: BNF ? / Ratatosk (?)

language/tool: BNF variant / kwParsing ?

language/tool: BURS ? / Iburg

tool: COCO/R

language/tool: COCOL / Coco/R for C

language/tool: Candle / Scorpion System

tool: Depot4

tool: Depot4/Oberon

language: EAG

language/tool: EBNF / ETO

language/tool: IDL / SunSoft OMG IDL CFE

tool: Ox

language/tool: Regular Expressions / re2c

language/tool: Relation Grammar / rl

tool: Rie

language/tool: S/SL / ssl

language/tool: TXL / TXL: Tree Transformation Language

tool: Tim Budd's C++ implementation of Kamin's interpreters

tool: flex

language/archive: lex / the GNU archive sites

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